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Krhem Sekhem



Το Krhem Sekhem έχει τις ρίζες του στην Αρχαία Αίγυπτο και μεταδίδεται μέσω της συνειδητής σκέψης και πρόθεσης, χρησειμοποιώντας συγκεκριμένα σύμβολά και το ποθετήσεις των χεριών όπως και σε άλλες ενεργειακές τεχνικές. Οι δυνατότητές του είναι απεριόριστες και μπορεί να χρησημοποιηθεί όχι μόνο για healing αλλά κυρίως για προσωπική ανάπτυξη σε όλα τα επίπεδα. Αποτελείται επίσης από πολλές και διαφορετικές τεχνικές θεραπείας από απόσταση, εξισορρόπησης και ηρεμίας και καθαρισμού DNA με μοναδικά αποτελέσματα.

Το Krhem Sekhem επαναφέρει την ισορροπία σε σωματικό, πνευματικό, ψυχικό και συναισθηματικό επίπεδο επουλώνοντας παλιές πληγές και βοηθάει στην ισορροπία της ενέργειας στον πλανήτη.



Krhem-Sekhem comes from ancient Egypt and is transmitted from practitioner to the other person through conscious thought and intention; the intensity is controlled and varied at will by the giver. The Krhem-Sekhem energy flows from the practitioner into the patient's subtle energy system, cleansing, clearing, and balancing every cell in their body, right down to the DNA level, leaving them feeling calm, relaxed, and deeply at peace with themselves and the world.

                      Krhem-Sekhem Living Light Energy          


Krhem –Sekhem Living Light Energy - is a complete, unique, stand alone energy healing system originating as far back in time as Atlantis and Lemuria. At one time the energies were separate. Krhem was a cosmic language using symbols- thus the symbols used today. Sekhem was the Power/Might. They have now come together as one powerful system. Krhem-Sekhem is believed to be the original "hands-on" energy healing system as there are references to Sekhem in the temples of Egypt from circa 5000BC. Healers from other distant lands would travel to Egypt to train in Krhem-Sekhem, and take the learnings back to their own country. The energy would then be changed to suit the culture and language thus derivations have evolved such as Reiki and Seichim. Each system has its own unique attributes and vibrational frequency. All work well together as they all originated from this one powerful, grounded energy.

This loving, gentle yet powerful system is the most profound available in the world today. Krhem-Sekhem is a deep structure healing system which heals to the core/cellular level addressing the subtle aspects of cause, releasing even deeply held thoughtforms in the etheric body which, if not acknowledged and released, would ultimately cause symptoms of dis-ease in the physical form. Every cell, molecule is affected in a cleansing, balanced healing manner by Krhem-Sekhem.

As science and spirituality merge together, scientists are beginning to move forward with their thinking and research, giving more credance to the unseen phenomena such as psychic ability, remote viewing and telepathy. There will now be a more integrated way of looking at things and greater advances in understanding. As such, Krhem-Sekhem can be likened to working with quantum particles when sound, colour and light merge together to create change from a pulsing energy to a long slow wave. Quantum Physics explains this as a change in dimension.This is when the impossible can happen; when miraculous healings become reality.

Working on the core system rather than the chakras, Krhem-Sekhem cleanses and heals all the major organs and systems of the body simultaneously. This makes for easier healing and better co-operation between different functional systems .Hence a faster and more effective healing is achieved as the whole body returns to synchronicity. Although Krhem-Sekhem works on the core system, it balances the Chakras in the process. Krhem-Sekhem is the most wonderful opportunity to overcome negative trends as the energy travels a different path through the body.


A session of Krhem-Sekhem:

After being welcomed and made comfortable, either on therapy couch or chair, the client is asked their intention for the healing session ( be careful what you ask for) The reason for this is because Krhem-Sekhem energy is activated through conscious thought and intention. The client can then switch off the thought as the therapist will keep the intention through the whole session as the Krhem-Sekhem energy flows.

The Krhem-Sekhem practitioner meditates into deep relaxation while focusing on the wishes of the client and channeling Krhem-Sekhem energy. After clearing the client's aura, the practitioner, using Krhem-Sekhem symbols, pushes the energy round the body of the client creating a cocooned magnetic energy field.

The client remains relaxed as the therapist places her/his hands on/off certain positions of the body while continuing to focus on the intention for the healing of the client. There is no need for the client to change positions, as the energy flows to all parts of the body.

Negative blocks are released without trauma or tears, as the energy protects, heals and cleanses simultaneously.

After the session , the procedure known as " hooking into the wave" is done. This is the wave that is just below the lowest section of the Earth's energy grid which travels East to West round the Earth. This procedure, not only extends the healing but allows whatever has been healed to go into that wave and on into the grid. This then changes the mass consciousness allowing others who are not so aware to change also.

Krhem-Sekhem is truly a humbling energy thus making less interruption of the energy flow from the facilitator. This living light energy- as in all living beings- has a conscious and an unconscious mind and therefore bonds with the person's conscious and unconscious mind, evolving and learning reciprocally in mutual teaching.

Healing is only one side to Krhem-Sekhem. It is also an empowerment system ,bringing joy and integration of the self. It works on a totally different concept and philosophy to other energy systems moving beyond the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians working on the core of our being -healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously and right through to soul level.

Those who work with Krhem-Sekhem find that this living, conscious transforming energy brings dramatic changes to their lives. It demands integrity, commitment, respect and compassion to allow it to reach its full potential. The level of concentration of Krhem-Sekhem depends on the clarity of the person channeling the energy so it is important for the Krhem-Sekhem practitioner to put any negative thoughts and feelings to one side whilst working.

Krhem-Sekhem has a depth, purity and penetration healing at cellular level,that MUST be experienced to be believed. Healing is fast

Benefits of Krhem-Sekhem

· Enhanced energy levels

· Sense of calm and well being

· Relief/release of physical and emotional pain and trauma- migraine relief etc.

· Enhanced creativity

· Taking responsibility for own thoughts/deeds with ease

· Clearing negative attachments

· Healing at core/cell level

· Assists relaxation and reduces /alleviates stress.

· Assists Spiritual growth/expansion of awareness of the Soul's purpose.

· Release of emotions from past traumas easily and effortlessly………………and much more.

Krhem-Sekhem is truly a delightful experience which needs to be experienced to be believed. The aspect of unconditional love is to a degree that you may never have experienced before.